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“His work is informed by a deep personal commitment and understanding of art and contemporary culture.”
– Matthew Nicholl, Berklee

“I am always mesmerized by Kamini’s music. She is a custodian of a long lineage of Indian Classical Music, more specifically devotional music. It’s a blessing that she is keeping the traditions alive and passing on the gift of music to us in these modern times. She has very masterfully created so many songs/chants for us to connect with the divine. Her artistic abilities transcend the devotional music genre; she is truly a world musician. I high recommend her music to relax and go deeper into our conversations with spirit.”
– Arvind Chittumalla, Founder Moksha Festival

“Oleg is an excellent collaborator and a true wizard when it comes to scoring to picture”
– Nataliya Stoltidis, film director

“I love Kamini’s beautifully melodic, soothing and unique voice. Her sonic compositions and vocal approach takes the listener on a wonder journey. Her music resonates in my soul and moves me. That is the point of music, right? To invoke emotion and passion. Kamini delivers.”
-Michael Cutting, Musician, Producer